Just as there was an industrial revolution that modified production processes and then the digital revolution simplified data handling, today we are witnessing the Tokenization phase of the world, starting with native digital assets and advancing to Real World Assets (RWA).

The smart contracts and complementary tools implemented by Tokenizart ensure the construction of a healthy, dynamic, and scalable ecosystem for use in physical art.

The generation of Digital Twins or Physical assets responds to the need to create a digital twin of a pre-existing physical work that facilitates the incorporation of holistically secured cryptographic data and allows for collateralization and liquidity.

Simplifying the comprehensive management of art and unique physical objects.

These works already have underlying value, and tokenization only provides them with new opportunities and tools that enhance or secure their value.

Blockchain standardizes and ensures the representation of an asset or value in a digital asset with demonstrable uniqueness.

+ Info Tokenization



Create a standardized and complete technical sheet. These will become part of the ‘metadata’ that will be added to the blockchain once the work is ‘minted’.
You can add pre-existing or customized technical sheets as an annex.
Include photographs, detailing the main one. Although there are not too many ‘mandatory data’, precise incorporation will facilitate search filters, ensuring ownership, and authenticity.




We ensure the interaction of all participants who contribute value to the art world. Easily add a certificate of authenticity issued by the author (COA). Generate a verifiable, cryptographically secured history.
Link your expertise in a few clicks. Request curatorial acts. Link insurance and valuations with a certain date.

The perpetual provenance of the work ensures better interaction and enhances prices for future sales.


  • NFC Linking
  • COA – Certificate of authenticity issued by the author
  • Third-party authentication
  • Pre-existing technical sheet
  • Exhibition certification
  • Insurance policy
  • Accreditation of expertise
  • Sales certificate
  • Incorporated property rights delimitation
  • Copyright (attachments)
  • Curatorial note/curator
  • Additional report
  • Stipulated royalties
  • Work valuatio
  • Auction certificate
  • Work in transit
  • Tax accreditation
  • Patronage acknowledgment
  • Capital gains for future sales




Ohhh nooo! I’ve loaded everything wrong!

At Tokenizart, we have noticed that new systems are often not implemented due to the ‘fear’ of making a mistake, especially when using technologies like blockchain that rely on immutability.

Therefore, we have implemented a simplified management format that allows partial, staged loads, subsequent verifications, and shareable ones that ensure reviews and minimize errors. Tokenization and linking to Blockchain are only done when you are 100% sure! Learn and interact with others!





The preloading of data, the incorporation of material, the choice of photos, and accompanying documentation are often complex, tedious, and depend on more than one person, institution, or department.
Tokenizart ensures that the delegation of functions is incredibly simple.
Create workgroups. Appoint managers.

Feel free to contact us; we are ready to simplify your user experience.


  • Create permanent or temporary galleries.
  • Generate linkable collections.
  • Share easily and dynamically with QR codes.
  • Professionalize your exhibitions.
  • Add codes and links at the bottom of the works.
  • Privately share milestones in artworks.
  • Expand your user base and potential sales opportunities.