We provide disruptively easy-to-use tools. Dare to take the disruptive step! Efficiently tokenize physical works. Standardize systems and processes today that will be mandatory tomorrow.


  • Continuous interaction with the audience.
  • Register the authorship of your artwork simply and economically compared to notaries and other methods.
  • Two-factor authentication PHYSICAL / DIGITAL (IOT-BLOCKCHAIN). Register once for authentication.
  • Easily traceable. Artworks, from transportation to title transfers.
  • Security and inviolability of the provenance registry, easily accessible.
  • Interaction with interested parties in both physical and digital form.
  • Prueba irrefutable de propiedad que se esta estandarizando en toda la industria.
  • Higher resale value through reliable provenance and transparency.
  • It is facilitated to showcase simultaneously on different sales exchanges, digital galleries (published on decentralized platforms).
  • Leaves aside forgeries and imitations.
  • Significantly improves selling opportunities.
  • Optional and enforceable artist rights (royalties, transfer of copyright).
  • Securitization.
  • Collateralization.
  • Credit leverage.

Until today, physical art collecting lacked tools that ensured this “everlasting” connection with the artwork. Take advantage of generating perpetual provenance that allows you to accredit that empathy with the work. Let your patronage or support ‘transcend’.
The rescue of collections must finally be valued and visualized. The possibility of the transcendence of those who acquired works so that it is possible to display them in the future, in museums and galleries, now has its counterpart. Use the action that ensures traceability and provenance. Generate your indelible certificate of patronage and holistic visualization, and incorporate the collector’s biography.

Transcending in Art

“The collector’s desire to add works is diverse, as are their intentions, desires, and purposes, but we can affirm, as involved in this world, that it is not 100% rational or monetarist. We have a longing for transcendence… the beatification and temporary protection of what we have acquired, not only for the artist but because… we feel necessary and proud participants in guarding and sharing treasures… and not out of hedonism. It is an act of strict justice to silently participate in some kind of mention or record of our temporary involvement, our legacy to future generations.”