It is the external and visible Certificate of Authenticity of Tokeniz Art.

The security hologram-tag that covers the NFC device acts as a protector and certifier of the artwork that has been tokenized, serving as a deterrent against removal and manipulation. Not only does it possess a unique and difficult-to-replicate hologram, but it also features VOID technology. These labels are part of security sticker systems designed to prevent external tampering. When the label is peeled off, the adhesive reveals a text that repeats the word ‘VOID’ several times. This term originates from its English etymology, meaning ‘null’ or ‘without validity.’ Thus, removing it diminishes the value or at least raises doubts about its authenticity.

Designed and conceived for all individuals involved, primarily the artist, allowing you to secure your artwork. You can receive feedback from visitors; the Certificate of Authenticity linked to Blockchain is a holographic adhesive seal with an embedded tamper-proof NFC device. Once attached to a work of art, it maintains its identity throughout its lifespan.

By using blockchain through a unique non-fungible ERC-721 token linked to metadata inserted in both the NFC device and the digital token, we can link each specific work to detailed provenance records.

We facilitate the creation of tamper-proof certificates of authenticity and ownership to reduce fraud and protect art exchanges.