Benefits for Artists

  • Simple and cost-effective registration of authorship for artworks.
  • Dual-factor authentication PHYSICAL / DIGITAL (IOT – BLOCKCHAIN) registered only once. 
  • Easily traceable from transportation to title transfers.
  • Security and inviolability. Provenance registry easily accessible.
  • Interaction with the audience, both physically and digitally.
  • Irrefutable proof of ownership. Standardization across the industry.
  • Higher resale value. Reliable and transparent provenance.
  • Greater and better exhibition opportunities.
  • Efficient protection against counterfeiting and imitations.
  • Significantly improves sales possibilities.
  • Incorporation of rights. Optional and enforceable (royalties, copyright transfer)
  • Securitization.
  • Collateralization.
  • Credit Leverage.
  • Standarization of processes.
  • Automatiion of Escrow Service.