We are a platform of disruptive technological solutions for the art world.


At present, there are multiple technological solutions for the management of artworks, but there is no standard that allows for a universal and verifiable registry for this market.

To these issues in the art world, a new one is added, which has to do with the difficulty or lack of efficient linkage of blockchain (NFT) with physical objects.


Through a customized combination of Blockchain & Internet of Things, we solve the age-old problem in the art world:

“The generation of a perpetual and immutable provenance”


Thus, we ensure an efficient linkage of digital identity (NFT) to the physical work. We are building a new global standard for art traceability, enabling the generation and incorporation of successive certifications and specific actions throughout the life of the work.
We promote synergy and inclusion among all stakeholders in the art world. We simplify the ecosystem’s access to the financial world, providing it with greater liquidity.
We take the robust aspects of blockchain technology and separate from the speculative bubble of NFTs, building a healthy ecosystem beyond purely speculative aspects.

New Global Standard for the certification, traceability and collateralization of Collectible Physical Objects. We drive and facilitate interaction both physically and digitally. We make it possible for technologies to be applicable in
Physical Art

New Global Standard for the certification and verification of artworks.

The art world and the collecting of unique objects require a set of tools that customarily simplify comprehensive processes for loading databases, identifying objects, delegating functions, ensuring records, and enhancing interaction with the public or clients.

“The story goes that if Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted instead of what they needed, he would have only sold faster horses.”

At Tokenizart, we have carefully assessed the needs of galleries, artists, museums, and appraisers to manage in a simplified, efficient, and dynamic manner. We create tools and linked actions so that they can add value to their usual work and make it scalable and integrable over time, ensuring that the choice does not become obsolete.


We drive the interaction of the artwork with the public both physically and digitally. Facilitating the art economy from start to finish. Improving the ecosystem and ensuring each interaction.

We register, confirm, and verify the unique identity of an artwork with a tamper-proof Certificate of Authenticity (VOID technology), enabled with NFC, and transfer its unique and essential data to a non-fungible NFT token, unique and irreplaceable, unhackable, distributive, decentralized, censorship-free, based on blockchain. The public network of Gnosis Chain, freely verifiable.



  • Tokenize your works and generate a perpetual provenance
  • Certify your artworks and give them a differential value
  • Build your gallery, exhibit it, and share it
  • Manage and organize your stock of works
  • Build status by facilitating verifiable verification
  • Protect your works from counterfeiting
  • Precisely delineate the property rights transferred in your works
  • Issue COAs for works you are going to sell and that you have already sold, certifying authenticity.
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  • Generate value in your actions
  • Promote your services
  • Incorporate technological tools
  • Building verifiable reputation
  • Incorporate technology into your services
  • Add value to your actions and monetize better
  • Generate acts that endure in the life of each work
  • Promote your services by generating synergistic links
  • Professionalize your track record
  • Build and make your reputation verifiable
  • Issue certificates and appraisals with cryptographic security
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  • Comprehensive management of Artworks
  • Professionalize your staff or work team
  • Efficient tokenization for physical works
  • Standardization of systems
  • Data preloading systems
  • Delegate functions and define roles within your organization
  • Generate Security and Inviolability in linked data
  • Easily share with visitors and track the entire life of the work and its milestones
  • Compatibility with pre-existing systems
  • Migrate your system easily to a state-of-the-art platform
  • Mass export data and simplify processes
  • Manage permanent and temporary collections and galleries
  • Generate virtual spaces and collections
  • Perform batch actions in a few clicks
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