The times have never been better to implement new technologies!


Our mission is the implementation of innovative technological tools that generate a new paradigm in the comprehensive management of the art world.

Why TokenizArt?

  • Today, digitalization and the creation of a database are not enough. It’s just the first step.
  • With Tokenizart, you access another level of opportunities. We are creating a next-generation platform to ensure the comprehensive management of art and unique objects.
  • We are building a new global standard for the certification, traceability, and collateralization of physical collectible objects.
  • We drive and facilitate interaction both physically and digitally.
  • We make it possible for new technologies to be applicable in physical art.
  • We are your toolbox for disruptive tools.
  • We unlock the full potential of NFTs for use on physical assets.
  • We ensure and facilitate the efficient linking of physical objects with a digital identity, thus generating a Digital Twin as a facilitating tool in collateralization, providing greater liquidity.
  • Physical art until today was overlooked, the tools were excessively costly, and very complex to understand and use.
  • We provide incredibly easy-to-use tools.
  • We help create a reliable ecosystem throughout the life of the artwork.

All these tools necessarily involve Simplification of processes, task delegation, and the incorporation of user-friendly tools that can be used by the entire ecosystem without the need for previous technological knowledge.

To achieve these objectives, we develop tools that streamline processes and do not require technological knowledge to implement.



. Customizable, reviewable, simplified, and delegable.

Supported Actions:

  • PRE MINT. Preload Technical Sheet + Attachments. (Modifiable until minted)
  • PRE CERTIFY. Preload certifications. (Description + Attached Documentation)
  • SHARE. Share a list of candidates for preloading.


This action is responsible for importing artworks. It precedes tokenization. Facilitates batch loading, allows data review, and delegation in the loading of information to public and private organizations with hierarchical positions, task divisions, and authorizations.


  • Creation of ERC-721 tokens using the smart contract provided by TokenizArt.
  • Association of tokens with artworks and metadata.
  • Minting performed exclusively by the owner.
  • Storage of tokenization information in the database.
  • Certifications upon owner’s request.
  • Transfer of artworks.

Standard 4337

Default wallet that the user will choose to simplify batch tasks and actions. MINT – CERTIFY – TRANSFER



Gnosis Chain has offset 273 tons of CO2.

Gnosis Chain is a fast and low-consumption Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Gnosis Chain is already much more energy-efficient than Ethereum and other similar proof-of-work chains. Despite this, the Gnosis Chain team has decided to go a step further by offsetting their organizational and network emissions tenfold.

Tecnological and Ecological Solution

We chose GNOSISCHAIN because it is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network that ensures the implementation of blockchain in a fast, secure, and proven reliable manner, with a clear focus on ecological factors that goes beyond carbon neutrality.